Stephanie Timar


  • Started in July 2019
  • Tester at Smart Refill
  • Masters Degree in International Business from Budapest
  • Previously at IBM in Budapest and IKEA in Helsingborg
  • Born and raised in Helsingborg
  • Hobbies:  IT and new technology, going to the gym, travelling, tinkering with cars
  • Favorite apps: Instagram, Spotify, Netflix

Stephanie – tester, tech lover and TV star

Smart Refill’s tester Stephanie is on a mission: to identify bugs and glitches in the applications we develop for our customers. Quality assurance is a kind of detective work that can make the whole difference between failure and success. But if you want to get to know Stephanie closer, you can turn on the TV this fall when she makes her TV debut in a new show on Swedish national television.

To be on TV wasn’t really something I planned, but I caught word about the upcoming show Lyckomaten (“Happy Food”) on SVT. When I was selected as one of the participants, it was a no-brainer. The production was an amazing experience. I danced, sang and winter bathed in front of the camera, so you could say I really stepped out of my comfort zone, Stephanie says with a laugh.

The show is about health, food and wellness and Stephanie is counting down the days until it premieres in October. As fate had it, the production took place when she was between jobs, before joining Smart Refill. Now Stephanie is fully focused on finding those bugs.

Testing apps is like a detective hunt that really makes a difference. Bugs shouldn’t interfere with the customer’s user experience and the app’s functionality. The bug hunt is a given part of the development process, that affects both our own and the customer’s brand. Smart Refill has an increasingly strong focus on quality assurance. For example, we have streamlined the process for testing by implementing even better tools. The bugs better watch out, says Stephanie.

Ten years ago, Stephanie decided to move to Budapest to study. Five years later, she completed her master’s degree in International Business and took her first job at an app development company. After working at IBM in Budapest, she moved back home to Helsingborg to join IKEA. In 2019, she took the next step in her career when Smart Refill caught her eye on Linkedin.

I immediately got a good vibe from the people and the atmosphere. The assignment was a great match for me and the interviews were more like talking to friends than being put to the test. Chemistry between people is valuable, it’s more important than knowing everything from the beginning. I’m very much looking forward to being part of the Smart Refill team, concludes Stephanie.