Simon Dellros

Web Developer

  • Started in March 2020
  • Web Developer 
  • Lives in Helsingborg
  • Studied Frontend Development
  • Hobbies: Gym & Kickboxing
  • Favorite app: Instagram & Snapchat
  • Fun fact: Enjoys cleaning- “I probably have the cleanest desk in the office ;)”

Simon  As organized on the web as IRL

Simon’s interest in IT developed while studying Electricity & Data at high school. He had a curiosity in programming, building computers and all the components within. Programming appealed to him as it provided him with fundamental skills, logical ability and developed his problem solving skills, allowing Simon to continuously utilize his learning and test his capabilities. 

To keep building on this knowledge, Simon chose to study Frontend Development at EC in Helsingborg. The education allowed him to understand the combination of programming and design- an important combination to excel in creating the structure of a website and its interaction. Frontend Development allows him to keep focused and engaged as he interacts with new tools and learns additional skills on a daily basis.

He then joined Smart Refill as a Web Developer, and was fascinated with the idea of being involved with telecom and fintech.

What is it like to be a Web Developer at Smart Refill?

”I am part of a team of Web Developers, who are collaborative and open to new ideas. Our overall responsibility is to transform code built by the backend developers into a graphical interface, primarily focusing on the end users’ visuals and interactions. We are provided with the opportunity to implement highly valued applications; improving code regularly, by modernizing and improving the quality and its structure, overall giving the application a better performance.”

What is it like to work at Smart Refill?

”It feels like home, and I am always looking forward to work the next day! It is a great feeling to have a close knit team. I am excited for the future of Smart Refill! We are innovative and have a clear focus on the clients needs and deliverables. You regularly see how your input can make a difference and contribute towards success. It provides you with an opportunity to enhance your competencies, providing you with industry expertise.”

Why choose Smart Refill?

”All employees within Smart Refill are determined, ambitious and driven to succeed; everyone is willing to learn and has a dedication to the stakeholders’s success. This was important to me, as I want to be in an environment where I can develop and learn from those around me and be seen as an industry expert.”

Thank you! 

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