Simon Warnolf

UX Lead

  • Started in October 2020
  • UX Lead 
  • Lives in Malmö
  • Hobbies: Music, has an education in sound technology and music production which eventually became a hobby
  • Fun fact: Saint Birgitta is his great-grandmother (for 26 generations) and he has a duck family on the balcony. 

Simon  Improving user experience with creative design

Can you tell us why you have chosen this career?

”My interest in marketing and illustration together with my creative thinking and problem solving skills guided me to explore the marketing and advertising sector. I am constantly curious about other people’s thinking, behaviors and what guides them to prefer a specific product or service over another. 

I wanted this career as I get to make a difference for the thousands of people using the products and services I work with. It also gives me the opportunity to create a design, based on the end users needs and really immerse myself into the users thoughts and behavior. As a UX/UI Designer, I have the freedom to be creative, I am always learning and using different tools on a regular basis, to create visual elements and interactive applications. The role provides me with a sense of achievement, because I get to have a clear focus on the usability and experience for the end user. I want to keep developing, whilst creating new solutions and new platforms, and this role allows me to do that.

This has led me to gain multiple experiences as a Graphic Designer, Art/Design Director and UX/UI lead.”

What attracted you to Smart Refill? And what is it like to be a UX/UI Design Lead?

”Smart Refill is a multi-ethnic and equal company; everyone is visible and has the opportunity to influence. The work environment is essential to success. At Smart Refill you can take responsibility for specific tasks and projects, while providing and receiving support to/ from others, which is an important aspect. 

In addition to Smart Refill’s payment systems and finch services, we offer custom made interfaces for web and mobile. In my team, we aim to improve these platforms and enhance user experience, with a focus on really selling the client’s brand. Not only does this benefit the client, but also benefits all of their end users. This is something I really enjoy as we continuously demonstrate our dedication to our clients and end users. 

Smart Refill has provided me with the opportunity to learn, and implement new solutions and services.”

What is your most valuable skill or knowledge?

”I have a creative mindset, love to innovate and thrive on challenges. I believe I have a fresh way of thinking, which is an advantage, always identifying creative solutions to potentially impacting issues.”

Thank you! 

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