Sebastian Fernstedt

Back-End Developer

  • 2.5 years at Smart Refill
  • Born and raised in Sölvesborg
  • Studied System Science and music production
  • Lives in Malmö with fiancee and cat
  • Hobbies: music, plays the guitar in a band and produces music

Sebastian – musical back-end developer

Besides programming super smart back-end solutions for the fintech industry, Sebastian is a devoted musician. When his fingers aren’t busy coding apps at work, they code indie pop for his band Lionfly Secrets. And it could have been all about music if it wasn’t for Smart Refill.

I’m very happy and grateful that Smart Refill took me on when I decided to go for a career in programming two and a half years ago. Changing career from music was a leap of faith and I was lucky to find the perfect place to develop my programming skills, letting me create awesome apps for cool customers, says Sebastian Fernstedt.

At Smart Refill, Sebastian is one of seven developers devoted to programming back-end solutions. In other words, he works with the important platform ”behind the scenes”, not visible to the users but 100 percent crucial to make the front-end apps do their magic. And next to music, programming is an art form of its own.

I enjoy solving logical challenges. Programming is really a craftsmanship that demands patience, logic, and the ability to connect the dots and lay a big puzzle.

A happy work day

One of the coolest sides to Smart Refill, according to Sebastian, is how small meets big to make great things.

Considering how small of a company we are, the fact that we work with some of the largest companies in Sweden is cool. In a way, that it is our key to success. Our customers love how we provide them with great innovations, inspiration and energy. For instance the youth app we launched for Handelsbanken. It was originally our idea and it recently got named ”app of the year” in Sweden. That is a good example of how we help our customers innovate for success, says Sebastian.

So finally, what is it like to work at Smart Refill?

It’s a workday full of energy. People want to make a difference and it’s a very inspiring and friendly atmosphere that I am proud to be a part of, Sebastian concludes.