Per Jansson

Android Developer

  • Started in March 2020
  • Android Developer 
  • Born and raised in Upplands Väsby, lives in Helsingborg
  • Studied Digital Media at Stockholm University and Development at Malmö Yrkeshögskola
  • Hobbies: 3d-modelling, rock/metal, gaming (skyrim)
  • Favorite apps: Netflix, BankID
  • Favorite gadget: Smartphone

Per  Digital artist and extraordinary app builder

As Android Developer Per loves to build and create on his own art. He likes the challenges that comes with the different projects he gets involved in and enjoys creating applications that are both good looking and has simplified solutions. Per says he is happy to work at Smart Refill where he gets to do that every day.

A growing interest for Tech

Per’s interest for technology started in his early years when he was into innovative gadgets, for instance the first iPhone when it was released in 2008 as a pioneering product in the mobile tech business. Per was interested about how the smartphone worked since it was a groundbreaking technology to press the screen instead of buttons. As the years passed Per’s interest for programing became one of his central interests.

Per has also always had an interest to build his own things in his own way. That’s why he enjoys single player games as Skyrim. If you ask Per, there are few things as good as listening to metal while drinking coffee and playing skyrim or deal with 3D-modeling (a special visualization feature) – another of Per’s interests.

The road to development

Before entering the beautiful world of development, Per studied Digital Medias and worked with TV-production. He liked the job, but wasn’t pleased all the way – he wanted to focus more on building and creating on his own!

He was happy to find an education at Malmö Yrkeshögskola since Skåne already had a special place in his heart. After the education, he moved back to Stockholm to work in development.

”How applications look and work is something the most of the people are concerned about. To create and build functions to simplify the usage and make the layout visually satisfying for the user is what I think the two most important components in creating an app. Own-made great functions is the carrot for my work”.

Joining the Smart Refill family

Stockholm has its charm, but Per longed back to Skåne. When browsing online for new opportunities further south, Smart Refill instantly caught his interest.

”Working at Smart Refill feels like being a part of a family with constantly new upcoming, interesting projects. I like the atmosphere, the people and I am longing for coming back to work the next day.”

Thank you! 

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