Patrik Lundstedt

UX Designer

  • Started in August 2019
  • UX Designer
  • Studied Interaction Design at Linné University, Kalmar
  • Former Art Director at
  • Born and raised in Magnarps strand, lives with girlfriend in Helsingborg
  • Hobbies: listening to music, history, travelling, eating apples in his community garden lot
  • Favorite apps: Spotify, Karma, IFTT
  • Favorite gadgets: his B&W headphones and speakers

Patrik  digging deep into digital design

When Patrik is interested in something, he tends to go all-in. He’s an ardent music lover and names his B&W headphones as his number one gadget. When travelling, he prefers to explore one place thoroughly rather than hopping around. And as a designer, he digs deep into the interaction between people and technology.

After completing his degree in interaction design in Kalmar, Patrik started his career as a web designer for travel comparison site He eventually took on the role as Art Director, further building his experience. The mission was to make it easy for the site visitors to find what they were looking for and make informed decisions. Because good digital design is not just about making something look pretty – it’s about making things work in a way that the user doesn’t even have to think about how it works.

Design is something most people have an opinion about. To create something simple can be quite complicated and I like that dynamic. Elegant designs that are well-thought-out is what I strive for.

After seven great years at Flygstolen, Patrik decided to make the move to another Helsingborg company that values user experience: Smart Refill.

I learnt about the open position from a former colleague working at Smart Refill. He was stoked about the company and I immediately had the same feeling. It’s a real fun crowd of people. Smart Refill has an impressive range of customers that I really looked forward to working with, Patrik concludes.

Do you want to join Patrik and his competent and nice colleagues? Check out Smart Refill’s job openings! If there’s no job out right now – connect with us to get a notification as soon as it does.