Nouman Tariq

iOS Developer

  • Senior iOS Developer at Smart Refill since September 2019
  • Grew up in Lahore, Pakistan, lives in Helsingborg with his wife
  • Bachelor in Information Systems Engineering and Double Masters in Dependable Software Systems
  • Hobbies: Travelling
  • Favorite app: Swish
  • Favorite gadget: his vintage Casio digital watch

Nouman – international iOS pro at Smart Refill

As a senior developer at Smart Refill, Nouman develops state-of-the art native apps and makes sure the iOS tech stack is up to snuff.

From Islamabad and Ireland to Fria Bad and Skåneland… When Nouman moved to Helsingborg in the fall of 2019, he brought a suitcase packed with experience. His coding interest started in high school back in Lahore.

Two of my classmates had fathers working in tech and our little group of friends got really into it. We learned stuff like DOS, Windows and Lotus 1-2-3, taking after school classes, inspiring and challenging each other to learn more. When BASIC was introduced in class, it got me really interested in programming. I later levelled up to C while still in school.

Nouman’s interest turned into a career path. With a Bachelor in Information Systems Engineering from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in Islamabad, his first job was at a software company specializing in data security. Right about that time, Apple launched the first iPhone. Nouman was intrigued and started out with mobile app development for iOS 3 and iPhone 3G in 2010.

Making the Move

Since iPhone 3G, the tools and language of the iOS platform has evolved a lot. And big things happened in Nouman’s life, too. He pursued a Double Masters in Dependable Software Systems under the Erasmus Mundus scholarship program. Two years, two countries: the program was split between Maynooth University, Ireland and University of St. Andrews, Scotland. So, how’s your swing?

The funny thing is that I never played golf when studying in St. Andrews. But after graduation, I moved back to Ireland and started working with an iOS app called Game Golf. It was a tool for improving the golf player’s game with stats and shot-tracking features, and it got me out on the golf course, too.

To Sweden with love

Ireland, a global hub for tech companies, was a good place for Nouman to build solid experience in software engineering. Last year, he moved to Sweden to set up home in Helsingborg with his wife. In the tech scene of Skåne, Smart Refill caught his eye.

I really like the domain that Smart Refill operates in. Fintech, financial services, PSD2, Open Banking. The products we build have real business consequences and affect the end-users. It is a great feeling to know that your work has a direct impact on user experience and something you build is used by so many users daily. I also think Smart Refill is in an interesting place right now – in the transition phase between start-up and scale-up.

So, how would you describe your work at Smart Refill?

As a senior developer, my role extends beyond just writing code. I’m involved in solution architecture and process improvement through agile coaching as a SCRUM Master. A big part of the job is to provide a bridge between clients and dev teams by handling and managing requirements and taking responsibility for the state of the iOS tech stack across the company.

Great to have you on the team, Nouman! Keep up the good work.

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