Nayomi Arvell

Backend Developer

  • Started in July 2020
  • Backend Developer 
  • Lives in Helsingborg with partner
  • Studied System Development, Programming & Game Design/Graphics 
  • Hobbies: Graphic Design, to paint and draw.
  • Fun fact: Has lived all around Sweden – Sälen, Luleå, Gotland and Helsingborg 

Nayomi  Exploring every corner of our code and country

During several years of studying, Nayomi has gained a vast amount of knowledge in IT. Her adventure started with a Technical year at Luleå University of Technology, studying Technology, Mathematics and Physics. She then completed a Bachelor’s degree at Uppsala University in Game Design & Graphic Design; later attending EC in Helsingborg, studying Backend Development. After gaining experience in multiple areas of the industry, Nayomi found her passion as a Backend Developer and is thoroughly enjoying her position at Smart Refill.

Why choose Smart Refill?

”Smart Refill allows you to be an influence, and involved in projects; expressing your capabilities and full potential. You will be a part of an international, fast-moving and forward-thinking company, and get the ability to enhance your knowledge, skills and experience. 

All of Smart Refill’s employees are valuable assets. Everyone is open to new and innovative ideas, with regular interdepartmental discussions. The interaction and dynamics of each team creates an agile and professional workplace. You can build long-lasting professional relationships here and everyone is willing to provide support, which has allowed me to develop in a range of different areas of the company. The culture allows us to progress as ve continuously share ideas, and want to constantly develop our company but also our clients. It is an exciting environment and I hardly ever want to leave the workday.”

What is it like being a Backend Developer at Smart Refill?

”I am part of a team of Backend Developers, and it is our responsibility to use our knowledge and experience to create structured, logical code that optimists and utilizes functionality of an application. We develop and manage the maintenance of an application ensuring stability, resiliency and utility to what the front-end developers create. In summary; we do the majority of the things you can not see behind the website/ application.

Being involved in a team; designing and building stable backend services, to enhance frontend experiences is a key aspect, and being able to collaborate with the other developers and departments to translate end user demands/needs into successful solutions, provides you with self satisfaction, that you have made a positive impact. Every day is always different, and you may get the opportunity to work on a different project, which includes new customers.”

Thank you! 

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