Karl Paradis

System Developer

  • Started in September 2019
  • System Developer, core team
  • Lives in Laröd, Helsingborg
  • Studied System Development at Malmö University
  • Hobbies: playing football (center back), fintech, fitness, music
  • Favorite apps: Shazam, Swish, Mobile BankID
  • Favorite gadget: Raspberry Pi

Karl  Key player in Smart Refill’s backline

Meet Karl Paradis in our backend team! As a system developer at Smart Refill, Karl gets to combine his interest in fintech with his passion for programming.

Karl graduated Malmö University (computer science) in 2019, and his interest in computers and coding goes way back. For as long as he can remember, he was curious about to know how things worked behind the screens. When his older brother played computer games with friends, Karl wasn’t waiting for his turn with the game controller. He was busy setting up game servers and writing scripts to help the gamers reach the next level. His knack for computers soon earned him a title as unofficial IT support specialist among family and friends.

While solving problems is an essential skill for any coder (and he still gets the occasional support inquiry from friends), Karl’s interest in creating things himself grew along with his programming skills. During technical high school, Java became his cup of coffee.

I realized that backend is the place for me. Creating effective code, making things work… That’s what drives me. I’ve tested frontend too, but I’ve always preferred working with the underlying systems and the challenges that they pose.

Speaking of underlying systems, one of Karl’s hobbies is the financial market. What interests him is not only the possibility of growing his savings, but also the data behind it all. His bachelor’s thesis at Malmö University was about algorithmic trading and his portfolio includes bitcoins.

Smart Refill’s focus on secure systems and payment solutions caught my eye. With PSD2 and Open Banking, there’s a lot of exciting stuff going on and Smart Refill is right in the middle of it.

So, how does it feel to play in the Smart Refill backline?

I feel right at home. Smart Refill is a welcoming place where everyone can be themselves. I’m surrounded by competent people and I can really grow as a developer in this team.

Do you want to join Karl and his competent and nice colleagues? Check out Smart Refill’s job openings! If there’s no job out right now – connect with us to get a notification as soon as it does.