Jonathan Böcker

Android Developer

  • 1 year at Smart Refill
  • Born and raised in Ängelholm
  • Studied computer engineering
  • Lives in Helsingborg with his partner
  • Hobbies: spending time with family

Jonathan – in the front line of development

2019 is a year of milestones for Jonathan. He will turn 30, become a father and celebrate his first anniversary at Smart Refill. This former officer is happy with his career move from the military to the front line of app development.

I have been interested in computers and programming ever since I was a kid. But it’s not technology itself that interests me, it’s what we can do with it. Smart Refill has quite a unique offer, developing safe and effective apps for banks and telecom companies. My focus is to create a great app experience for Android users, says Jonathan Böcker, front-end developer at Smart Refill.

Tools and teamwork

After serving in the Marine Regiment as an officer, Jonathan turned his career path to the world of IT. It probably didn’t come as a surprise to his mother, who had seen him dismantle the family’s PC just to see what it looked like inside. After graduating as a computer engineer in 2017, Jonathan works less with screwdrivers and more with development tools onboard MS Smart Refill.

In the military, you’re trained to cooperate and strive towards a common goal, no matter what obstacles you encounter. I looked for a company with the same values, where teamwork and cooperation is part of the culture. Smart Refill is that kind of workplace: we stick together to create good stuff for our clients, in a fun yet humble atmosphere.

Mobile banking made right

As a part of the fintech team, Jonathan develops applications for banks and fintech companies such as Handelsbanken, Nowo, and Resurs Bank. Working with mobile banking is not only fun, it also carries great responsibility.

When you think about it, banking is one of the most private things a person can do on the phone. It’s really important that we create safe and secure apps that make it simple to handle your personal economy. And of course, apps should also look great, so people feel happy when using them, Jonathan Böcker concludes.