Emma Fernsten

Project Manager

  • Two years at Smart Refill, came from Verisure
  • Born and raised in Kristianstad
  • Bachelor in Informatics from Lund University
  • Lives in Ödåkra with husband and two children
  • Hobbies: fitness, skiing, renovation of their century-old house

Emma  project manager who loves to keep busy

Full speed ahead and always with a smile on her face. That’s how Emma is described by her colleagues, who can rely on her to keep track of the telecom development projects at Smart Refill. As a project manager, she is used to handling several clients and projects at the same time. And that’s the way she likes it – an empty calendar is definitely not her cup of tea.

I really like it when things are happening and there’s a lot going on. Both at work and at home. When me and my husband just had our second child, we were in the middle of renovating our house and pulled off a big wedding at the same time. I like it when I have to dig in and go crazy when there’s nothing to do, says Emma, who started at Smart Refill after a recommendation in 2016.

Emma is involved in much of the action at Smart Refill. As a project manager, she works as a bridge between the key account managers and the development teams. She can participate in meetings with the customer on one day and help create sales plans together with the management team on the next. A versatile job, but always keeping the eye on the prize: delivering great solutions to the customers.

Technology and teamwork

Emma is a true “people person” and appreciates the combination of technology and teamwork at Smart Refill.

I’m a structured person, with the ability to be flexible. It’s necessary to be agile in this job, to quickly switch between projects. I also think it’s important to support and encourage my colleagues: together we can be at our best. I like being the bridge between departments and love teamwork. It’s kind of funny… Once, my mom said “why do you work in IT, shouldn’t you work with people?” But that’s exactly what I get to do!

A family away from home

Before joining the team, Emma worked as a project manager at Verisure, leading provider of security solutions and a very different company from Smart Refill. Emma knows exactly why she likes it at the entrepreneurial IT company in Helsingborg.

We’ve always had a familiar atmosphere at work. That’s something worth fighting for, it’s what makes us unique. You don’t need to worry about making mistakes. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and this model of freedom under responsibility is in my opinion the best way to make smart people work and grow. Comparing Smart Refill to bigger companies, we have shorter decision paths and that’s one reason why we can be fast. It’s also inspiring to be part of a fast-growing company like Smart Refill, Emma Fernsten concludes.