Diana Olofsson

Key Account Manager

  • Four years at Smart Refill, before that restaurant manager for 12 years
  • Studied sales and marketing at IHM Business School
  • Bachelor in Informatics from Lund University
  • Lives in Båstad with her partner and 2 year old son
  • Hobbies: family, friends, cars, travelling to the sun or snow

Diana  Key Account Manager with full energy in telecom

Diana is Key Account Manager for Smart Refill’s largest customers. Telecom giants who for many years have given Smart Refill the confidence to develop their “refill business”. In a close collaboration, Diana contributes to the growth of telecom customers when it comes to topping up prepaid cards for telephones. And despite her sales-oriented title, Diana sees herself mainly as a relationship builder.

Creating strong relationships with customers is my most important task as well as being responsive and proactive, says Diana and continues: With daily customer contacts and regular meetings, I am their extended resource into Smart Refill to ensure that they develop and strengthen their services. It is easy. If my customers are doing well, Smart Refill is doing well.

And given that Smart Refill’s telecom customers are large and significant players in their markets, it is important to nurture and build strong relationships with them. Developing and maintaining the operation of the customers means constantly being agile and responsive. Never settle down.

We are committed to being proactive in proposals for ideas that customers can develop to make their business grow and deliver good services to the prepaid users. A service that is still very important for people who prefer to call with prepaid cards or need them for connected devices in these times of “Internet of Things”, Diana says.

A great responsibility to manage

Smart Refill delivers a complete solution to telecom customers. From first idea to design, development, UX, delivery, operation and even second line support. And when it comes to why the customers like to work with Smart Refill, Diana answers without hesitation.

We are fast, deliver good quality and help customers stay at the forefront and be valuable to their end customers. We lift their business and act as an “outsourced innovation department” that creates the things they dream about but don’t have time to develop themselves, says Diana.

Loves work and a busy schedule

Four years after Diana changed her profession from restaurant manager to Key Account Manager in the IT industry, she is proud of her career change. Smart Refill let her grow and the company grew with her energy.

As one of four siblings, I learned to fight and take care of myself. I am driven person and I never give up. For me, it has never mattered whether it is Monday or Friday, I always love to go to work. The span of the mission, from customer contacts to entering technical discussions with our talented developers, is versatile and stimulating. I have the world’s best colleagues who are both smart and very nice and think that we are unique as a company in the region, yes maybe throughout Sweden when I think about it, concludes Diana Olofsson.