David Tiselius

System Developer

  • Started in May 2019
  • Java/system developer in the core team
  • Studied Cultural Science
  • Lives in Ängelholm, two kids
  • Interests: music, film and programming

David  from dramatic arts to the art of code

Hi David! How was your path to Smart Refill?

It’s a long story. After starting my career as a “cultural worker” at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, I totally changed career some 20 years ago when I fell in love with programming. It offers another form of creative output! I am very happy to be part of the Smart Refill team.

So, from creative arts to programming … How do these worlds compare?

Well, to code and program is a very creative task. In a way it’s like painting on canvas. You start off with an idea and how you bring it to life is really up to your very own creativity and capacity. A programmer and an architect both have freedom to choose HOW they write the code or draw a house. But in both cases, you need to reach a goal where the code makes wonders and the house can stand through a storm. I like the fact that there is a clear end point when the programs I code need to be launched as a product.

How did you find Smart Refill?

I worked at Resurs Bank in Helsingborg and came across Smart Refill when they built an app for the bank. I was intrigued by the agile, pioneering atmosphere at Smart Refill and made a leap of faith. Here I am, and I very much enjoy the speed in the everyday work here. It’s great to make a difference and there’s such a friendly atmosphere at the office.

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