Cornelia Kramer

System Developer

  • Started in April 2019
  • Java/system developer
  • Studied Electrical Engineering at LTH
  • Politically active for ten years, currently paused
  • Born and raised in Mariefred, lives with boyfriend in Lund
  • Hobbies: nature and outdoor activities, watercolor painting, cooking and growing vegetables

Cornelia  system developer with a knack for Java

From University to Smart Refill

Leaving Lund University for my first job was a big transition and for the first time in many years I had no exams to study for. That was a really relaxing change in my life! I was fortunate to be welcomed to Smart Refill by super nice colleagues to a really cool job.

How did you come across Smart Refill?

I visited a recruitment fair in Lund and got to talk to some people at the Smart Refill booth. It was almost love at first sight. While filing an application some days later, I got an email saying I won an iPad at the recruitment fair…it felt like a sign and here I am! For me it was very important to find a workplace with nice colleagues where I can learn new things constantly and develop my skill set.

What was your impression after you started working at Smart Refill?

It was a true WOW feeling, believe me. I was so glad to be part of a team and to have a role to fill. Life as a student is lonely at times and being a social person, I really enjoyed my new colleagues and the friendly, respectful, fun and ambitious atmosphere here at the office. I still feel great about it all and it’s an exciting time to be a part of Smart Refill, since there are ambitious plans for expansion.

What is your focus in your role as system developer?

Naturally to help our customers launch and run fantastic apps and web services. I was open for both back-end and front-end, wherever programming was needed as a Java developer. The charm of programming is really the creative side of it and I love creating amazing solutions for our customers as part of the back-end team.

Finally – you have been deeply involved in politics for ten years. What have you learned from that?

Since I have now paused my political duties, I can look back on many valuable experiences. It has shaped me and taught me a lot about leadership, communication and society. I love a good debate and to learn more from people with other opinions and knowledge. I have no problem separating persons from their opinions and have learned a lot about respect for other people. Perhaps I will return to politics later on in life, but for now my full focus is on Smart Refill!

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