Innovation Hub for Mobile Operators

Providing safe and smart solutions for the telecom sector is part of Smart Refill’s DNA. Our company was born from the idea that it should be simple to top up prepaid phones on the go.  

Since then, our platform of services has grown to become one of the most powerful on the market. Acting as an outsourced innovation deparment, we help operators create the things they dream of but don’t have time to develop themselves. 

Trouble-Free Top-Ups


Offering user-friendly applications is a must in the age of smartphones. As soon as you launch an app, it needs to be maintained and updated regularly to keep customers happy.

Our Solution

We deliver a complete solution. From first idea to design, UX, development, operations, and support. Some examples of functionality in our front-end apps are balance/data info, quick/scheduled/automatic top-ups, loyalty systems, and a selection of different payment methods. The apps rely on a back-end platform with a PCI DSS certified environment, 24/7 surveillance, backoffice/support tools, fraud prevention and various report tools.

At Peace With PCI


Simple top-up services means handling of user data and payment card information. Now and then new laws and regulations concerning data security are implemented. As a provider, you have to live up to strict requirements.

Our Solution

Smart Refill’s environment is PCI-DSS Level 1 certified, which means we are authorized to handle payment card transactions. Every year, we are scanned to make sure we adhere to the PCI DSS security requirements. We also help the mobile operators to follow new rules. For example, as GDPR was implemented, all our top-up apps got additional functionality to meet the new requirements.

Loyal Customers


Prepaid users are not bound by yearly phone plans. How can the operators make customers stay loyal??

Our Solution

We help operators strengthen user loyalty by offering high-quality top-up apps with the operator’s own brand. This makes the bond between operator and customer stronger, as opposed to top-up solutions in Internet banks where several brands are visible. Our platform also has a selection of features that focus on customer loyalty, such as bonus systems, campaign tools, and automatic top-ups.

Customer Stories

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