About Telia Sweden

Telia is the largest mobile operator in Sweden, operating under the consumer brands Telia and Halebop. Smart Refill develops and maintains the top up applications for both these brands.

By working with Smart Refill, Telia Sweden gets a complete top up solution and payment platform. We are a pro-active partner, helping Telia provide up-to-date top up services that makes life easier for both the users and for Telia.


Top Up Applications for Android, iOS and the web 


Telia Sweden


Balance, Top Ups, Automatic Top Ups, and more

Love to Ladda

It started with a few simple top up features that enabled customers to refill their data and minutes directly on the phone instead of going to the store to buy a voucher. Since then, the Telia Ladda app has grown to become a significant digital customer channel. Balance and history, quick top-ups, auto top ups, campaign info, family concepts. It’s all there.

Telia Ladda can be downloaded in App Store or Google Play. The web version is found here.