Sweden’s leading TelCo

Telia Company is the leading supplier in the Swedish telecom market. They offer a comprehensive range of telecommunication services to businesses, consumers and organizations. Telia Sweden has chosen Smart Refill as a fintech partner since 2006. Smart Refill has made a full integration with Telia Sweden’s infrastructure to automate payments and activation of top-ups and subscriptions. The functionality is delivered to Telia Sweden in custom web and mobile-apps.


Telia Sweden

Selected features

One-click-purchases, Card data memorization, One-off purchases, Recurring/subscription payments, Zero-day Onboarding, Account Management, Real time product activation

An IRL challenge with a digital solution


The story of Smart Refill and Telia Sweden goes back to 2006. At the time, consumers had to go to a store and buy a voucher to top up their phone. To Telia, this was an expensive sales method. To consumers, availability and customer experience was low.


Smart Refill revolutionized top ups in the Nordic countries, providing a B2C online solution available to everyone, all the time. Soon the relationship with Telia evolved, and Smart Refill became a B2B partner. Today, Smart Refill provides Telia with a complete solution for payments, top-ups and subscription management delivered in custom web and mobile-apps.

Telia Ladda can be downloaded in App Store or Google Play. The web version is found here.

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