About Telia Norway

Telia is the second largest mobile service provider in Norway. Smart Refill develops and maintains the top up applications for their Norwegian prepaid brand Telia Påfyll.

Telia Påfyll has everything the customer needs to live the mobile life. Balance and history, simple payments with Vipps or payment card, features for family members, top-up subscriptions and more: the users can keep track of their costs and never run out of minutes or data.


Top Up Applications for Android, iOS and the web 


Telia Norway


Balance, Top Ups, Automatic Top Ups, and more

Problem-free with Påfyll

Automatic top-ups is a popular feature in Smart Refill’s platform of prepaid services. Logged in users can set up a monthly top-up that automatically debits the payment card that was saved in the app. This gives the user the convenience of a postpaid plan, making sure that data and minutes are always available. The difference is that with a prepaid subscription, you know exactly what amount will be debited and you don’t have to worry about nasty surprises at the end of the month.

In the latest version of Telia Påfyll, a new and even simpler subscription feature was launched. Customers can set up a monthly top-up in just a few steps, without logging in, taking convenience to the next level. Telia Påfyll can be downloaded in App Store or Google Play. The web version is found here.