About Telia Finland

Telia has two prepaid brands in Finland: Telia Prepaid and Telia Helppo. Smart Refill develops and maintains the top up applications for both these brands.

By delivering a complete top up solution and payment platform, Smart Refill helps Telia Finland move customers from physical to digital channels. When users purchase their top ups in mobile apps rather than buying vouchers in stores, customers get better services at a lower cost to Telia. That’s a win-win situation.


Top Up Applications for Android, iOS and the web 


Telia Finland


Balance, Top Ups, Automatic Top Ups, bonus features and more

Stronger loyalty is a bonus

In Finland, it is common for prepaid users to switch number often. Mobile operators offer price reductions and special offers to get more customers. With Smart Refill’s help, Telia is aiming at increasing loyalty in the latest version of Telia Prepaid’s top up application. Now, users earn bonus points for their top ups and by creating an account, the points can be used to pay for more talk or surf time. Smart Refill played an instrumental role in designing and implementing the new bonus system.

Telia Prepaid can be downloaded in App Store or Google Play. The web version is found here.