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Telia is one of the major cellular network providers with independent networks in Finland, offering their B2C and B2B users a broad range of services. Telia has chosen Smart Refill as fintech partner since 2015. Smart Refill has made a full integration with Telia’s infrastructure to automate purchase and activation of top-ups and subscriptions. The functionality is delivered in custom web and mobile-apps.


Telia Finland

Selected features

One-click-purchases, Card data memorization, One-off purchases, Recurring/subscription payments, Account Management, Loyalty features, Real time product activation

Stronger loyalty is a bonus

By delivering a complete solution for payments, top-ups and subscription management, Smart Refill helps Telia Finland move customers from physical to digital channels. When users make purchases in mobile apps rather than buying vouchers in stores, customers get better services at a lower cost to Telia. That’s a win-win situation.

As a complement, Smart Refill have included loyalty features in the mobile-apps delivered to Telia Finland. The background is that in Finland, it is common to switch number often. With Smart Refill’s help, Telia aims to increase loyalty with a bonus system: Users earn bonus points for their purchases and by creating an account, the points can be used to pay for more airtime. Smart Refill played an instrumental role in designing and implementing the new loyalty features.

Telia Prepaid can be downloaded in App Store or Google Play. The web version is found here.

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