Global provider to the Top Nordic and Baltic TelCo

Telia Company is a telephone service provider and mobile network operator with headquarters in Stockholm. It is the largest Nordic and Baltic fixed-voice, broadband, and mobile operator by revenue and customer base. Smart Refill is a global provider of payment services to Telia: we develop and maintain a complete solution for payments, top-ups and subscription management used in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Lithuania and provide custom web and mobile-apps.

Being a global provider doesn’t mean that one solution fits all. We work closely and proactively with Telia’s teams in each market to adapt the services to the business needs. But one thing is constant: our focus is to create great digital services that help Telia to reduce cost and focus on their Core Business.


Telia in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Lithuania

Selected features

One-click-purchases, Card data memorization, One-off purchases, Recurring/subscription payments, Zero-day Onboarding, Account Management

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