About Sparbankernas Kort

A Sparbank is not an ordinary bank. In addition to providing full banking services, the Sparbank’s play an important role in their local community. They reinvest in local education, sports, research, culture and enterprises. Smart Refill has been a partner to the Sparbank’s through their cooperative organisation Sparbankernas Kort since 2012. Initially, the partnership focused on providing a mobile app to show real-time credit card balance and transactions. Now the partnership has grown into a complete credit card management app as well as a fully automated web application process for credit cards.


Card management app for Android and iOS
Open Banking Card application for Web


Sparbankernas Kort


Open Banking Card application, Balance, Transactions, Push notification for transactions and Card Management from Smart Refill’s Digital Banking Platform.

The Sparbankernas Kort app

With a modern design and smart functions, it’s easy and fast to sign up a new credit card online or manage an existing card with Sparbankernas Kort app. To prevent all possible card related issues, the users can choose to get notifications for larger transactions and can immediately block their card anytime, anywhere.

The Sparbankernas Kort app is available for iOS and Android on App Store or Google Play. The Open Banking card application process is available on the individual Sparbanks’ webpages, for example here.

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