Services are moving from the physical world and onto our screens, not least when current restrictions and recommendations change our established behaviors. What will be digitalised next, and how will future digital solutions for online sales, payments, banking and post work? The innovation team at Smart Refill is investigating this, and now they are strengthened through the recruitment of Sara Odelius Andersson.

Sara Odelius Andersson started at Smart Refill on October 1 and has since had a dialogue with both internal and external parties:

Many organizations we are in contact with have a good vision of what they want to offer their target group, but lack experience and knowledge of how digital solutions can realize the idea. We are passionate about finding concrete solutions to complex problems linked to payments, banking and mail. To contact us, it is enough to have an idea, a challenge or an opportunity that you want to explore. Together we can research the case and learn together. Sometimes it leads to a partnership later on, sometimes not. Regardless, our door is always open for all who want to talk about the digital solutions of the future.

Swedish software company Smart Refill has created digital solutions for online sales and payments since 2006, for banking since 2010 and for digital mail since 2013. In all three areas, there is currently a large increase in users, driven by factors such as the introduction of the EU directive PSD2 (opening up for Open Banking), and the trend of sales moving to digital channels. Therefore, Smart Refill strengthens its innovation team with Sara Odelius Andersson, a specialist in payment and financing solutions, who has been recruited to the company as a business developer. Sara comes most recently from Resurs Bank, where she has worked for over seven years with customer responsibility and business development with a focus on payment solutions and credit cards.

The need, but also the opportunities, for flexibility in both digital services and payment solutions has never been greater. Smart Refill’s payment platform in combination with the company’s licenses and certifications provides opportunities to create digital services for basically any industry. After working with different types of banking and financing services for many years, I look forward to combining this with innovation of digital solutions and at the same time be able to share my long experience of both start-up and development of collaborations and partnerships, says Sara.

Smart Refills CEO, Henric Ungh, comments on the recruitment:

There are plenty of out-of-the-box solutions for digital payments and banking services. But many companies and industries have significantly more complex needs, and want a partner who can support them in that. We have a high-performance payment platform as a backbone, and the opportunity to adapt flows, functionality, interfaces and integrations to meet customers’ challenges. Through the recruitment of Sara, we have gained a very good addition of knowledge and experience to the team, and a team player who will be able to make a big difference for both customers and colleagues.


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Henric Ungh


This press release was first published on My News Desk 2021-01-20.

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