About Resurs Bank

Resurs Bank is a leading, Sweden based niche bank specializing in payment solutions (comprising retail finance and credit cards), consumer­ loans and savings accounts. Smart Refill and Resurs Bank has a longstanding partnership that started when Smart Refill developed the credit card app Supreme Card some years back. In 2018, Resurs Bank launched their new mobile bank, also developed by Smart Refill.


Mobile Banking for Android and iOS


Resurs Bank


Balance & Statement, Paying Bills, Invoices, Surveys and more via Smart Refill’s Digital Banking Platform

The Resurs Bank App

The Resurs Bank app makes banking easy and accessible, giving customers the bank’s services at the palm of their hands. Users can handle their accounts in Resurs Bank as well as accounts from the bank’s retail finance partners. Credit cards, private loans and savings are shown in the app and payments and transactions can be done with just one click. It is also possible to apply for or extend credit limits or open new accounts.

The Resurs Bank app is available for iOS and Android on App Store or Google Play.

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