About NOWO

It doesn’t have to be complicated to save for your retirement. NOWO, short for No Worries, wants to make it easy and fun to secure well-being at an old age. You become a member by downloading the app and starting to save in the NOWO Fund. There are a number of ways to increase your future pension, for example daily save, quick save or automatic saving every time NOWO Mastercard is used. When shopping online at connected retailers, every purchase gives you “cashback” that will be invested in the fund. You can also get rewarded for answering surveys in the app.


Funds and Savings App for Android and iOS




Balance, Referral Codes, Daily Save, Quick Save, Auto Save, Shopping, Surveys, Fund Application, and more

A No Worries Solution

NOWO is using Smart Refill’s fintech platform and gets a complete solution with a business system, back-end, and front-end apps for Android/iOS. Smart Refill has been involved from an early stage, providing requirements and design, managing operations and setting up technical integrations to Resurs Bank, ISEC, and other third-party suppliers. The app provided by Smart Refill is the heart of NOWO’s innovative concept. It provides all the information and features that the user needs. The app is available for iOS and Android on App Store or Google Play.