A winning concept

Halebop is a fighting brand of Telia Company, offering mobile services directed primarily at the young adult segment in Sweden. Halebop has won the award for most satisfied customers from Swedish Quality Index (Svenskt Kvalitetsindex, SKI) eight times since 2008. They have chosen Smart Refill as a fintech partner since 2008. Smart Refill has made a full integration with Halebop’s infrastructure to automate payments and activation of top-ups and subscriptions. The functionality is delivered to Halebop in custom web and mobile-apps.



Selected features

One-click-purchases, Card data memorization, One-off purchases, Recurring/subscription payments, Zero-day Onboarding, Account Management, Loyalty features, Real time product activation

Payments Made Simple

As digitalisation is spreading more and more, the demand for simple and fast services rises – and the youngsters are forerunners of the new trends. Luckily, Halebop has chosen Smart Refill’s complete solution for payments, top-ups and subscription management which means all their purchases and product activation processes run in real time. The partnership also enables secure and easy-to-use features for Halebop’s users like one-click-purchases and card data memorization, making it as simple to do a spontaneous purchase as to set up a subscription..

Halebop Ladda can be downloaded in App Store or Google Play. The web version is found here.

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