Attractive Baltic TelCo services

In Lithuania, the country with the highest mobile penetration of the three Baltic countries, Ezys has positioned themselves as a TelCo offering basic mobile services at attractive prices. Smart Refill has made a full integration with Ezys’ infrastructure to automate purchase and activation of top-ups and subscriptions. The functionality is delivered in a custom web application.



Selected features

One-click-purchases, Card data memorization, One-off purchases, Recurring/subscription payments, Account Management, Real time product activation

Partnership for optimisation and automation

From checking which products are available to their customers, to notifying Ezys systems about settled transactions and triggering product activation in real time – Smart Refill’s integration to Ezys’ systems automates the whole purchase and activation process.

Furthermore, Ezys no longer need to worry about software updates, security patches and staying compliant with the latest payment regulations. We ensure they are always up to date.

The automation and outsourcing to Smart Refill allows Ezys to optimise their resources and focus on their core business.

The web service is found here.

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