About Didner & Gerge

Didner & Gerge is an independent fund management firm pursuing active fund management. When the fund managers wanted a simple tool for customer communication, the choice fell on launching an application. By working with Smart Refill, the “one-stop app shop”, applications for iPhone and Android could be launched swiftly. Since then, the customers get current fund info and account balance at the palm of their hands and Didner & Gerge have a tool for customer communication, maintained and developed by Smart Refill.


Fund App for Android and iOS


Didner & Gerge Fonder


Balance, Fund Portfolio, Latest Fund Prices, Documents, Surveys, and more

Fund Features at Your Fingers

Over the years, the app D&G Fonder has evolved to become an important channel for digital interaction between Didner & Gerge and their customers. In 2019, an updated and further improved app, developed in React Native, was deployed. It is available for iOS and Android on App Store or Google Play.