NOWO 2.0

New design and improved user experience

It doesn’t have to be complicated to save for your retirement. NOWO, which stands for “No Worries”, wants to make it easy and pleasurable to secure well-being at an old age. The customers have access to three tools for saving: a credit card, an app and a fund. In the app, the customer decides how much to save each time the credit card is used by entering a value between two and ten percent. Every time the customer uses the card, the customer “tips” their future self – the selected percentage is transferred to a fund, managed by leading asset managers.

”With two new functions, it has become even easier to save for retirement. With saving targets, you get an overview of how much you need to save to have the pension you want. With daily saving, you can save a small sum every day to reach your saving target more easily.”

Customers can have coffee, shop, live in the present whilst saving for the future. The app visualizes the future: the customer can see how much the purchase today will be worth when it is time for retirement.

NOWO is using Smart Refill’s fintech platform and has an overall solution with a business system and apps for Android, iOS and web. Smart Refill has been involved from an early stage and have assisted in providing requirements and design and will manage operations and management after the launch. NOWO has an interesting and exciting concept which is in tune with the times, and a strong team.