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We help banks and fintech innovators to go to market faster. With our PCI Level 1 certified environment and long experience in building apps, we are everything you need to bring your ideas into the hands of your users.

Mobile Banking


Challenger banks are redefining the way people are looking at mobile banking experiences. As a bank it can be time consuming to follow trends and keep the mobile bank up-to-date. As a fintech innovator, the road from idea to launch can feel long.

Our Solution

We have many years of experience developing award winning mobile banking apps. Through creative solutions and a close collaboration with the customer, we help our customers stay at the forefront of fintech.

Funds and Savings


Savings are the foundation for a person’s financial life and economic freedom. Some people find it hard to get started. How do we help and inspire customers to save and invest?

Our Solution

We develop savings and investment features that makes saving simple. Quick saving, stock portfolios, fund trading – we do it all. 

Youth Bank


Physical money is disappearing at a fast pace, as digital payment methods and online payments increase. How do we teach children the value of money when it has turned into abstract numbers on a screen?

Our Solution

With our youth bank services, you can give young people the tools they need to take control of their personal finances and understand the value of money. Piggy bank, savings goals, weekly allowances and rewards for household chores – the services we develop are fun, powerful and designed for the specific target group.

Customer Stories

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Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank

Didner & Gerge