White Label+

White Label. How exciting does that sound? Many companies deliver excellent technical solutions and have fantastic platforms that can do a lot of things. We do all that, but we don’t stop there. We want to deliver added value and be an active partner in our customers’ everyday lives. We call it White Label+.

A tiny difference for the eye, but a large difference for you. Plus stands for creativity – technical of course, but also creativity in pushing your design, UX/UI, and your business forward. Also, you can always feel safe with our systems. We are PCI DSS Level 1 certified and are an approved payment service provider by Finansinspektionen (Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority).


Complete technical platform with front-end apps for providers in both prepaid and postpaid.
Mobile banks, payments, fund trading systems or PFM. Our banking and finance platform is one of the most comprehensive in the Nordics.
Secure Information
Digital information must be safe. Our platform for safe information management and identification is the basis of the digital mailbox Digimail.
Always on the lookout for the latest and the newest. In Labs, we experiment with the future.


Digimail Business

Business mailbox, a convenient and safe option!

Now Digimail also offers businesses to receive their mail digitally, conveniently and safely. The business mailbox is easily accessible via internet, which means that customers can read their emails on business trips, when they work from home, on the train and when it is impossible to find the right mail in a pile of papers. 

”Digimail’s business mailbox is not just a digital mailbox; it helps you streamline your business by saving time and money. It also makes it easy to be good to nature and the customers themselves,” says Key Account Manager Emelie Sträng.

Everything is safe. You log in via Mobile Bank ID and both our private and business mailbox are developed and certified according to PCI DSS Level 1, which means that both emails and sensitive information are secured. The customers can send and receive mails faster, and you can categorize the mails for quicker management and better structure. At the same time, you save money on postage. Above all, it is a step in the right direction for our environment as well!


NOWO 2.0

New design and improved user experience

It doesn’t have to be complicated to save for your retirement. NOWO, which stands for “No Worries”, wants to make it easy and pleasurable to secure well-being at an old age. The customers have access to three tools for saving: a credit card, an app and a fund. In the app, the customer decides how much to save each time the credit card is used by entering a value between two and ten percent. Every time the customer uses the card, the customer “tips” their future self – the selected percentage is transferred to a fund, managed by leading asset managers.

”With two new functions, it has become even easier to save for retirement. With saving targets, you get an overview of how much you need to save to have the pension you want. With daily saving, you can save a small sum every day to reach your saving target more easily.”

Customers can have coffee, shop, live in the present whilst saving for the future. The app visualizes the future: the customer can see how much the purchase today will be worth when it is time for retirement.

NOWO is using Smart Refill’s fintech platform and has an overall solution with a business system and apps for Android, iOS and web. Smart Refill has been involved from an early stage and have assisted in providing requirements and design and will manage operations and management after the launch. NOWO has an interesting and exciting concept which is in tune with the times, and a strong team.


Halebop Go!

Halebop launches Sweden’s simplest prepaid card

Halebop Go! takes simplicity to a new level. All phone calls, regardless of duration, are 2 kronor, and texts are 50 öre. Users can also top-up their numbers with any amount between 1 and 999 kronor instead of choosing from a set of predefined amounts. That’s why Halebop calls Go! Sweden’s simplest prepaid card.

New banknotes and coins were introduced in Sweden during 2017. Together with ad companies Havelle and JCDecaux, Halebop created a campaign using three “coin phones”  in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Here, customers use the old coins that were about to be discontinued and top-up their Halebop Go! numbers. Under the hood, Smart Refill’s technical integration made sure that the coins reached the customer’s prepaid numbers.


Telia Prepaid

Sonera becomes Telia Prepaid

Telia Company’s Finnish trademarks Sonera and Tele Finland change name and get a stronger connection to Telia. Sonera changes its name to Telia Prepaid and Tele Finland changes its name to Telia Helppo. All Telia Company’s fully owned companies now operate under the same name.

In connection with this change, Smart Refill and Telia have updated the design of seven web and mobile applications: Telia Prepaid webb, Telia Prepaid Android, Telia Prepaid iOS, Telia Helppo webb, Telia Helppo iOS, Telia Helppo Android and R-Kioski’s refill solution.

Welcome to the Telia Prepaid and Telia Helppo family!



Smart Refill grows in India

Smart Refill has signed an agreement with its second telecom operator in India. Videocon will take part of Smart Refill’s existing plattform and products for payment and top up services.

Smart Refill takes care of the entire development process from start to finish. A responsive web application for prepaid top ups was launched in June 2015 and there are plans to add services and support more platforms ahead. One of the features in the application is new to Smart Refill; after a successful top up, the user can select a gift coupon and purchase various offers from a list directly in the mobile phone.

“India is the perfect market for Smart Refill with over 90 percent of mobile users being prepaid customers”, says Arif Hassan, Head of Business Development and Solutioning at Smart Refill India. “Becoming a preferred top up partner of Videocon Telecom is a testimony to the quality of our services and proves yet again that our product portfolio can be applied globally and adapted to local needs”, says Arif Hassan.



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Allt fler av våra kunder vill ha flerspråkiga appar. Halebop Ladda finns nu även på arabiska!… https://t.co/HXKZZhQhvO
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RT @MobileHeights: We are happy to welcome @SmartRefillAB as a new member! "Smart Refill builds your ideas into products and helps you go t…
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@emmaheimonen Hi Emma! We would love to invite you to the Swedish Fintech Pavilion M10 where we have a booth. Are you available?
1 year ago
Nowo lanserar en stor uppdatering av appen! Nytt UX/Design och flera nya funktioner för att fortsätta att förenkla långsiktigt sparande.
1 year ago
Som första mobiloperatör kan Halebops kunder nu även betala sina laddningar med Swish i appen!
1 year ago
Telefinland svidar om och blir Helppo! Önskar er all framgång i det nya varumärket.
1 year ago
Smart Refill expanderar och söker fler drivna och duktiga medarbetare till vårt team. Läs mer under karriär på https://t.co/mUWSJOXRcv
1 year ago
Sonera - Välkommen till Telia Familjen! Helt nya och uppdaterade appar för webb och mobil i samband med denna förändring.
1 year ago
Vi välkomnar Johannes, Emma, Ingrid, Sebastian och John-Peter till vårt team! Förstärker app, backend, UI/Design, projektledning & affär.
1 year ago
Önskar vår samarbetspartner Omnitel lycka till i sin nya kostym Telia Litauen!
1 year ago
Vi är väldigt stolta att bli #digasell 2016!
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Hej alla drivna studenter! Idag hittar ni oss på #ARKAD#LTH i Lund. Vill ni bli en av oss - besök vår monter för mer info!
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Välkommen som avsändare UC! Nu kan UC:s kunder ta del av digital post via Digimails brevlåda.
3 years ago
Netcoms kunder har nu tagit del av uppdaterade appar för iOS, Android och webb! Samtidigt lanserar sin kampanj - Var sjätte laddning gratis
3 years ago
Smart Refill just donated to support Red Cross work in Nepal. #RedCross
3 years ago
Vi välkomnar Diana Zezovska (QA), Diana Olofsson (KAM), Mikael Nilsson (SA), Henric Lindh (Android) & Wayne Chen (SA) till vårt team!
3 years ago
Skandiabanken lanserar en uppdaterad version av den mobila banken för iOS och Android.
3 years ago
Smart Refill har i samarbete med iHavelanded lanserat en laddningsapplikation för våra utbytesstudenter i Sverige. http://t.co/i4Tt7BUiXM
3 years ago
ChessControl, en ny produkt av norska operatören Chess & Smart Refill. Kund tar del av våra tjänster redan vid beställning av nytt SIM-kort.
3 years ago
Telia Ladda Refill 2.1 finns på Google Play & AppStore. Huvudnyheten är en laddningsprenumeration där kund får var sjätte laddning gratis!
3 years ago
Nu kan du även handla aktier i Sveriges bästa mobila bank (guldmobilen 2012 & 2013)!
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